Transmission Issues to Look for


The transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If the car will not shift after engaging the clutch and trying to move the stick, take a look at the fluid to make sure that it is at the right level. Other causes include using the incorrect thickness of fluid and the clutch linkage or shift cables needing adjustment. The source of the problem could also be the vehicle’s computer system.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light located on your car’s dashboard is a great early indicator that something is wrong with your vehicle. While the light turns on for a number of reasons other than transmission issues, it very important not to ignore this helpful warning sign. There are sensors placed in many areas of a car’s engine that alert the computer if it senses unusual activity coming from a particular process. The sensors on a transmission can pick up on the slightest jerks and vibrations than you are not able to see or feel. read more

When the Transmission Makes an Odd Noise

Noticing a transmission noise while driving can cause enough of a worry to lead you to assume the worst. However, if you are aware of the types of problems that can arise with the transmission, you will find it easier to determine what repair work is required. Make sure to bring the vehicle in at any noise that you hear. This way we can inspect the vehicle, under the hood, or transmission, depending on the noise that is being heard. By catching an issue early on, you can help reduce the chance of costly repair bills in the future. read more

Signs a New Transmission is Needed

Everyone relies heavily on their vehicle, but an unexpected repair can be a major inconvenience as we as cost. Regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to ensure that your vehicle is running correctly and efficiently.

The transmission generates power to your tires. It also controls how much of that power is available at anytime. It is mostly responsible for adapting how much power gets to the drive wheels, which are important for starting the vehicle, stopping, and also traveling at all speeds. A transmission keeps the engine’s output optimally matched to the speed and the load conditions of your vehicle. Connected to the transmission is the torque converter. This assists in the flow of the engine’s torque into the transmission. The transmission fluid cleans, cools, lubricates, transmits force and pressure, and protects the transmission from buildup of any kind. read more

Signs of Transmission Issues


When you own a vehicle, you will want to keep it in the best condition possible. This means bringing the vehicle in regularly for maintenance inspections. We can inspect the parts and components to ensure they are operating efficiently. Between visits, you might also notice things are starting to wear down on your vehicle, like the battery or transmission. No matter what sign of an issue you notice, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you.

An easy sign to know that your transmission may need attention is if you notice any leaking transmission fluid. The transmission fluid helps to maintain your vehicle’s shifting capabilities. If you check the transmission fluid, it should be bright red in color. Unlike the oil, the transmission does not consume or burn off any fluid during operation. So if you notice that the transmission fluid is low or empty, there is probably a leak somewhere in the system. If you smell of something burning when you are driving, it may be an indication that the transmission is overheating. The transmission fluid not only helps to keep the moving parts of the transmission properly lubricated, but it helps prevent the unit from burning up. read more

Signs your Transmission may need attention

Before making your daily commute or long road trip, it is important to have your vehicle checked for any problems, like transmission issues. This can help you avoid an untimely breakdown when you least expect it. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your vehicle is running correctly and efficiently. Investing in the maintenance of your vehicle’s transmission now can help to catch any issues early and prevent a larger repair bill down the road.

Why the Transmission in an important part to your vehicle read more

A Car Transmission for Every Spring Driving Type

Springtime brings people out of the proverbial shell and many seek out new adventures. Some of those adventures involve driving across the country or taking an extended driving trip to see the family. Everyone has their own style of driving, and spring makes some people want to experiment or to find a driving style. Each driving style is more suited to a car transmission based upon the nature of the driving style. If you already know that you like to have complete control over your gears and when to change them, then you should choose the transmission that is more conducive to your style of driving. read more