Why the Brakes Need to be Inspected


The brake system of your vehicle should be inspected regularly. Regular maintenance checks for your vehicle will help it to stay in the best condition possible. If you do not bring the vehicle in, you will not know what is wrong with the vehicle until it is too late. Noticing an issue at the first sign can help reduce further problems from forming with your vehicle. Anything out of the norm should always be taken seriously, and not ignored. This will help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run for your vehicle. read more

Understanding the Brake System

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Unusual brake noise or braking behaviors should be treated as a warning that one of the most essential systems on your car is malfunctioning. The brakes are exposed to tremendous forces and generate a lot of heat every time you stop your car. When you press on the brake, all the energy that your vehicle creates by moving down the road has to be converted to heat through friction.

A rattle noise from the brakes is a common issue for drivers. Most often brake rattle happens when you let up off the pedal. Suddenly you may hear a rattle. Usually it sounds like the rattle made when shaking a can of spray paint. Brake pads can rattle sometimes due to heat expansion, especially if they were installed without anti-rattle shims. Keep in mind that this rattle should not be consistent and it should never happen while you have your foot on the brake pedal. read more

Signs that the Brakes should be Inspected

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Brake Inspection

Why do you need a brake inspection? The braking system is the most important safety feature for your vehicle. The ability to stop quickly and safely is crucial. Part of the brake system also include the brake pads and brake rotors. The friction and heat that occur every time the brakes are applied can gradually start to shorten the lifespan of these parts. It is required to have periodic replacement of these parts in order to keep the braking system in your vehicle functioning properly. You can help maintain the braking system by going to regular scheduled maintenances. read more

The Brake Warning Light on the Dashboard

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Keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible is important. If the brake warning light is illuminated all the time, it may mean the emergency parking brake is still engaged. The brake warning light remains on when the brake is applied as a reminder to the driver. Once the parking brake is released, the light should go off. If the light continues to stay on, there may be an issue somewhere. If it is not a parking brake issue, it may mean the hydraulic pressure has been lost in one side of the brake system. The light could also mean that the fluid level in the master cylinder is low because of a leak somewhere. read more

5 Signs of Brake Issues

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One of the most important parts on your vehicle is your brake system. There are several signs you might notice if the brakes are starting to go out in your vehicle. The brakes my start to make odd noises or produce vibrations when the brake pedal is applied. If you notice anything out of the norm, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. This way the issue can be looked at and repaired before it gets worse.


The brakes may produce a squeal or squeaking noise. This is caused from unwanted movement of the brake components, sometimes causing friction. Make sure to have the brakes properly inspected on a regular basis. We can also check for corrosion, worn parts, or damaged components. If there is grinding noises, there could be an issue with the brake pads and rotors. read more

Inspecting the Brakes of your Vehicle

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When you have your vehicle inspected regularly, you will be aware of any wear and tear to parts of the vehicle. By checking your brake system regularly, you can help prevent an accident or serious situation created by poor performing brakes. If you are in between scheduled maintenances, you may notice signs that the brakes may need attention soon. Some of the signs can be when you apply the brake pedal it is spongy. It can also be the opposite and be hard when you press on it. There might even be a loud noise or grinding that comes from the brake pedal when you apply it. read more

3 Brake Issues to be Aware of


The brakes are one of the most important parts on a vehicle. This is because when you apply the brakes, it can help to make the vehicle come to a complete stop when you need it to. Without brakes, the vehicle will not stop and an accident could occur. If you are not sure how often to bring the vehicle in for a brake inspection, make sure to contact us.

Some things you might notice are any noises that the brakes produce. If the brakes make a noise consistently, it is a sign that something more serious could be wrong. If squealing or screeching noises occur, there could be contact of metal on metal parts. This could mean that the brake pads have worn down and need replacing. If you ignore fixing the brake pads, it could start to do damage to the brake rotors. This can end up being a time consuming repair. It could also have a costly repair bill the longer the issue goes on without being fixed. read more

Check the Brakes and Brake Fluid


Keeping the brakes in the best condition is important. Besides having the brakes checked, you will also want to have the brake fluid inspected. The brake fluid supplies the necessary force to activate the stopping mechanisms of your vehicle’s braking system. The brake fluid circulates through a series of metal lines and tubes. The brake booster pressurizes the brake fluid each and every time you apply the brake pedal of your vehicle. Making sure to keep the level of brake fluid up can help your vehicle to run more efficiently. It can also help the condition of your brake system so it is at optimal performance. read more

Make sure the Brakes are Inspected

Properly functioning car brakes are vital when it comes to safe driving. When your brakes need repaired, never hesitate to get them fixed. Worn out brakes are not to be underestimated. As soon as you know your brakes are not in optimal condition, bring your vehicle in to be inspected and repaired. This can help provide a safe and reliable ride when you travel.

Signs that the Brakes are bad

brake-repair-2There are a number of signs that foreshadow brake repair, and the most common ones are the easiest to detect. A steering wheel that wiggles could be a sign of brake problems. If the steering wheel jiggles back and forth every time you come to a stop, then this is a sign of worn out brake rotors. Brake rotors do not need to be changed as often as brake pads, but should still be replaced every few years. It is suggested to have your brake rotors changed every three times your brake pads are replaced. When it comes to brake pads, another observable sign of brake damage is high pitched squeaking. When your car squeals anytime you apply pressure to the brake pedal, this could be an indication of bad brake pads. The squeaking sound comes from a piece on the actual brake pad that gets exposed once the pad is worn down enough. When this indicator is exposed, it is time to replace the pads. If you begin to notice it takes more time to come to a complete stop in your vehicle, this means you have worn through the indicators on the brake pads. read more

Mechanic Translation for the Vehicle 

It is important to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. If you notice anything out of the norm, it is essential to bring it in so we can inspect it for any sign of an issue. To help locate the source of the problem quicker, make sure to write down what the problem was, and the conditions you were driving in when the problem happened. Understanding the vehicle can also be important. One item to notice is the water pump. Water pumps are a very important part of a vehicle’s cooling system. It pumps water throughout the system and helps to keep the engine at a cooler operational temperature. These pumps draw in and push out water and antifreeze. When a vehicle suddenly begins to overheat, it is one of the first items that should be inspected. A broken water pump will not transmit the coolant where it needs to go. It may need to have it replaced in order to restore the proper engine temperature again. A vehicle can overheat from a faulty thermostat just as quickly as it can from a faulty water pump. read more