Engine Repair Service

engine repair, Dale Feste Automotive, Hopkins MN

When is service or engine repair necessary?

Your engine is the “heart” of your vehicle. It makes every other system and component operate. If you notice any engine performance issues, having a qualified ASE trained technician analyze your vehicle quickly is important. In many cases determining the severity of an engine problem can be accomplished by a fast and affordable computer scan. Hesitation may cause excessive damage and more costly engine repair.

Typical Components:

  • • Crankshaft
  • • Pistons
  • • Piston Rings
  • • Connecting Rods
  • • Camshaft
  • • Timing Gears
  • • Timing Belt
  • • Valves
  • • Oil Pan
  • • Oil Pump

Stop by Dale Feste Automotive and let our experts take a look at your vehicle and we will diagnose your issue and let you know if you are in need of engine repair.