Towing a Trailer with your Vehicle


Before fishing season opener, now is a great time to inspect your vehicle and trailer that you will be towing. There are several parts and components that you will want to check on it. Doing so will help to ensure that the vehicle is ready for you to drive. The tires are an important part that you will need to inspect them regularly for your vehicle. Make sure that the tires are always inflated to the correct amount needed. You can find this in the vehicle owner’s manual, or we can advise you on it. Tires need to have the proper inflation, otherwise they are more prone to blowing out or picking up a nail. read more

Towing your Boat or Camper


When towing your camper or boat, make sure your vehicle is in proper condition to do so though. If you are not sure what condition your vehicle is in, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. Conventional towing is meant to mean bumper pull with a frame mounted hitch. This is common for most beginning campers as its the best way to start getting into camping.

5th Wheel

Fifth wheel towing will be a mounted directly in the bed of your truck. This will provide a larger towing capacity as it provides more weight distribution over your rear wheels and suspension. You’ll start seeing this in your 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickups. 5th wheel towing will also provide you the best ride comfort going down the roads and easier up/down hills. The 5th wheel hitches will utilize a kingpin and pin receiver and you’ll find a wide variety of different receivers. read more