Driving Tips to Stay Safe

Make sure to check your vehicle often. Check the tires on a weekly basis. The air pressure should be at the amount that is recommended by the vehicle owner’s manual. Tires that are under inflated or over inflated could cause issues over time. Under inflated tires can lead to poor fuel efficiency with the vehicle. Over inflated tires can be more prone to pick up sharp objects and debris that might be in the road. Besides having regular maintenance done on the vehicle, there are some tips you can do to help improve your driving habits, as well as your safety this winter. read more

Reasons why your vehicle might be hard to start

With colder mornings, you may start to notice the vehicle becoming difficult to start. This is especially true if you park your vehicle outdoors in the open air. The cold temperatures can affect your vehicle in different ways. The fuel tank may start to get condensation in it, which will make it difficult to start. The oil may also slow down and become think, which will be slow to get to the engine. You can always bring your vehicle in between maintenance inspections so we can examine it over. We will inspect the battery to help ensure it is running at an efficient capacity. read more